• Enjoy the sunset on board of our ships with culinary specials on 27.7. and 10.8.2017

    You want to get away from every day routine and enjoy holiday feeling and untouched nature plus a welcome drink and excellent food?

    Experience the famous sunset on board of our beautiful ships and enjoy our special offers - the HolidayLines Special and Grillparty on board.

Shipping with „Holiday Lines” on Neusiedler See

It can also be your lake!

The region around the Neusiedler See is very popular as holiday region and it offers a real big variety of possible activities – culture, sports or culinary surprises.

Holiday Lines – Schifffahrt Gmeiner on Neusiedler See

With the most beautiful ships on the lake we create the ideal conditions for a daytrip, a longer weekend or your holidays.

Have a look at our “Specials”. With these day-trip offers you have the best chances to discover the extraordinary landscape around the lake and get a romantic „Puszta“- feeling. You can book those specials for single, two or more persons. We try to meet as much as possible your individual expectations and hope you find the best program for you.

Our fleet has four luxuriously equipped catamarans  - double body ships – all offering a board bar, sound system and a perfect view over the lake.

Boats for rent

During the summer months you will find at our facilities in Breitenbrunn, Rust, Purbach (all around Neusiedler See) and in Neufeld (on the Neufelder See) electro boats and also pedal boats. We also offer SUP – stand up paddles. Enjoy your holidays!

Shipping on Neusiedler See – Holiday Lines Gmeiner

For further information please contact us via:

Holiday Lines Shipping Gmeiner

Phone: +43 2683/5538 (Mo-Fr) oder +43 2683/5170 (Weekend and holidays)

Fax: +43 2683/5555-85 office@gmeiner.co.at


Holiday Lines Ferries Timetable & Eventtrips 2016 (pdf)

Holiday Lines Ferries & Calendrier 2016 (pdf)

Holiday Lines Landing Stages, Timetables & Eventtrips (pdf)

Holiday Lines Menetrend & ánlataink 2016 (pdf)

Holiday Lines Trajekty Plan & Udalost vylety 2016 (pdf)